Capital Commitment is a non-profilt organization established June 1991 thru 2005 in response to the needs of unemployed individuals in the Washington, DC and surrounding metropolitan area. Its founders saw the tremendous future in the telecommunications industry and had faith in the potential capabilities of inner-city residents to achieve the skills necessary to compete for jobs in this highly competitive technical arena. As a result, we established a comprehensive job training and education program to employ low-income, unemployed and underemployed individuals in the telecommunications trades.

For the past thirteen years, Capital Committment has trained and placed over 2,000 graduates within the telecommunications industry. Of these graduates, 75% were former social service recipients receiving payments totaling over $10 Million. As a direct result of this employment, over $20 Million in new income has been generated, creating an economic swing of over $30 Million.

Now as locally and nationally telecommuntions training leader, Capital Commitment provides classroom  and lab instruction in "Telephone Installation, Maintenance, and Repair" and is a BICSI certified trainer.

Support for Capital Commitment over the past 10 years has come from a variety of sources, but primarily from the Telco sector through sources such as Lucent, Nortel, and Verizon. WIth the downturn of the telecommunications market, continued funding by Industry partners has been minimal, in order to support the non-profit school, Capital Commitment formed Capital Commitment Solutions, LLC., a-for profit subsidiary, which utilized graduates to perform premise-wiring installation.

The staff and graduates of Capital Commitment are commmited to Quality, Safety, and Reliability. Because of our stringent screening, orientation, and quality control procedures, we are confident that the skills and professionalism of our graduates will meet the need in any and all installation projects.

Capital Commitment, Inc.

Presented to the Department of Labor October 1, 2001

Facts About CCI

  • Established 1991 by Ernest and Laverne Boykin
  • Total Applicants:1613
  • Total Graduates: 2500
  • 18-24 (Age Group) 975 or 65%
  • 24-40 (Age Group) 345 or 23%
  • 41+ (Age Group) is 180 or 12%

Post Graduate Data

  • Placed 98% in Telecom jobs
  • Retention Rate 95%

Capital Commitment, Inc. History

    Ten-year Profile

    • Applications   1613 (Yr. Avg. 125)
    • Graduates      2500

    Graduate Demographics

    • Ages 18-24  (975)  65%
    • Ages 25-40  (345)  23%
    • Ages 41+     (180)  12%

Technical Training

  • Residential
  • Commercial