To bring telecommunications technology, knowledge, skill training, and job placement services to the economically disadvantaged, by establishing training facilities and curricula to teach individual skills necessary to secure employment and business opportunities in the telecommunications industry.

Record of Success
For the past Decade, CAPITAL COMMITMENT has set and maintained a consistent product. By graduating more
than 90% of its enrollees and placing 98% of them in telecommunications jobs, in excess of $30,000 per year, speaks for itself.

Business Philosophy
Capital Commitment merges the needs of industry with
those of society. That is, Community Empowerment! Forging true public/private partnerships, for the good of all America.

Numerous Articles and reports have been produced about CAPITAL COMMITMENT; they are all business related! That reaffirms our relevance, and addresses the significance the training has has on the global workforce.

(Est.1991 Thru 2005)