Capital Commitment is a Certified, Licensed BICSI Training Entity! When you hire a BICSI registered telecommunications cabling installer, you provide your prospective customer with an industry-recognized benchmark, demonstrating your commitment to hiring only the best. A trained and tested team of installers will give you a valueable edge on your competitition and enhanced credibility with potential clients

Program Components

Phase I Intake, Orientation, Assessment
Phase II Life Plans, Academic Remediation, Public Speaking, & Conflict Resolution
Phase III Job Training and Placement
Intake & Orientation New Participants must take the entry exam to identify math and reading skill levels, and interview with staff before acceptance in the job training program
Assessment Each participant is evaluated to determing his or her eligibility, counseling and family history.
Critical Thinking & Life Plans This is the most important part of the training. It involves attitude formation to reverse the negative experiences and provide positive thinking. Lefe plan training helps studens cultivate respect for their intelligence, builds self-esteem, and develops pride in their heritage. Executives from the banking industry, housing, corporations, and financial community are invited to speak to the student to help improve and enrich their lives
Academic Remediation Students are tested to determine basic skill levels (i.e.TABE) and are provided with remediation instructions, as required. Students can work toward receiving a General Education Diploma (GED)
Public Speaking Students are taught how to exude confidence and how to speak in both small and large group settings. They also learn how to best prepare for job interviews and to talk about current events.
Conflict Resolution Participants learn how to resolve conflict, stress, tension and family problems. Students develop behavior that will be socially acceptable in the work environment that will help them maintain a job.
Job Training Job training in telephone installation, maintenance, and repair is taught to prepare graduate for careers in high salary industry. Graduates are certified as residential, commercial and central office technicians.
Job Placement Graduates are placed in jobs by Capital Commitment upon completion of their course. We maintain an 85% placement record for each class
On-Site Equipment
  • Lucent 5ESS Switch
  • Nortel DMS 10 Switch
  • Nortel Millineum Smartphone
  • Verizon Payphones